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What we do


Fundamental crypto research

  1. General market research: Keeping track of worldwide crypto adaption and identifying macro trends. Monitoring exchange balances, mining activity, derivative markets, hash rates and legislation.
  2. Tokenomic research: Studying the economics behind crypto projects. Looking at demand & supply curves, vesting schedules, TVL, NUPL, Metcalfe’s Law, Stock-to- flow, …
  3. ICO research: Assessing the crypto projects use case, project team, investors, tokenomics, …

Taking advantage of the volatility

  1. Technical Analysis: Using chart patterns and technical indicators to predict the course of a token and trade accordingly.
  2. Sentiment Analysis: Trading based on sentiment indicators (Fear & greed index, market momentum, social media, …)
  3. On-Chain Analytics: Looking for upcoming supply & demand shocks, monitoring whale activity, …

Building positions in the best projects

  1. Portfolio management: Being a new and very volatile market, good portfolio and risk management is an essential step of the investment process.
  2. Fundamental analysis: Valuing a crypto project is all about valuing the utility and adoption of a network, looking at the project’s use case, tokenomics, team, investors, and much more.
  3. Staking, yield farming and other: Besides owning crypto assets, the crypto space offers several other DeFi opportunities for investors to make money.