Calypso LTI is a crypto research and investment firm focused on making crypto more accessible and transparent to the main public in order to accelerate adoption while taking advantage of many opportunities currently available in the crypto space.

What we do

  1. Research: General market research, tokenomic research (the study of the economics behind crypto projects) and ICO research (Initial Coin Offerings).
  2. Trading: Day & swing trading based on technical analysis, sentiment analysis and on-chain data.
  3. Investing: Portfolio management, fundamental analysis, staking and yield farming.
What we offer


  1. B2B/B2C Consulting: Advice & training on crypto and the blockchain for companies wanting to start with crypto but are new to the space.
  2. On demand research: For companies wanting to explore a certain area within the crypto universe.
  3. Custom news reports: For companies which want to be kept up-to-date on the latest developments in the crypto space.